Quality Commission

Commission Responsibilities

In line with the strategic plan and objectives of the University, with regard to the evaluation and quality of the Department's education, research and administrative services; To carry out measurement and evaluation activities based on examination, survey and similar methods by taking the opinions of internal and external advisory boards, and to report the work done to the Department Board.



Eskişehir Osmangazi University Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to be recognized worldwide in high quality education and research, to train well-qualified professionals, curious, entrepreneurial and successful engineers in engineering practices, research and public services.



Eskişehir Osmangazi University Mechanical Engineering Department aims to provide students with a solid mechanical engineering education, to improve the understanding and application of mechanical engineering principles, and to contribute to both regional and national economic development through teaching and research activities.


Commission Members

Dr. Instructor Member Bahadır Doğan (Chairman)

Dr. Instructor Member Sezcan Yılmaz (Vice President)

Dr. Instructor Member Ümit Er (Member)

Dr. Instructor Member Zerrin Sert (Member)

Dr. Instructor Member Onur Arslan (Member)

Dr. Instructor Member M. Alper Sofuoğlu (Member)

Res. Assist. Dr. Özge Yetik (Member)

Res. Assist. Dr. Serdar Arar (Member)

Res. Assist. Hakan Sertel (Member)

Res. Assist. Uncle Salih Can (Member)

Res. Assist. Tuğçe Şahin (Member)


External Advisory Board

1) Erdem Çelik (Arçelik A.Ş. Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant - Factory Manager)

2) S. Murat Demirel (Graduated, Eti Makine R&D Center)

3) Turgut Çiçek (Graduated, TEI- Quality and Manufacturing Engineering Director)

4) Mehmet Tolga YILMAZ (General Manager of Tanatar Mold and Press Works)

5) Onur Bilge (Graduate, Blg Robotic Automation Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti. – Founding partner and Company Manager, Biltay Teknoloji Telekomilication Ind. and Trade. Ltd. Sti.)


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